What does “Point 506” mean?

Edward N. Lorenz accidentally typed .506 into a weather calculation generator and although it was only a ten-thousandth place off, it proved to be enough to create a cataclysmic storm in stead of sunshine thus coining his butterfly effect concept and giving people a reason to believe that something very small can significantly change the system and become larger than one’s self.

Blank Goods

Point 506 strives to print on American made products as much as possible. All screen printing is done by ourselves or locally in Houston, TX.


All designs are created in-house by the professional graphics team and co-founders Vincent & Tina Fink.

Shipping Worldwide

Yes, we ship to your location if you have a mailbox. We are happy to expedite a shipment if you ask us real nicely and say the magic word.

Wholesale Inquires

Yes we do wholesale! If you are interested in stocking our brand you can email us @ or call 713-446.5691. 

Items listed in the online store and/or custom items are available.
Request our wholesale catalog to see the tons of design options we have that are not featured on the website.